Tuesday, January 15, 2008

She did it all...

Well,after a long lull I am back to tell a story.She came to me as a naive housewife,whose husband was given to alchohol and put his wife before his bosses in parties in his home.Bosses tried to take advantage of that.She complained in vain.I knew that all other efforts will do no good to her.Because after solving one problem I have to face another of different kind.So,I tried to make her aware of her power.FEMALE EUNUCH, as it was mentioned by certain feminist ideologues.She became aware of it and used it to pull up her husband.I believe the best way to tame a bull is to pull it up by it's horn.Now she is quite comfortable with her way of life.She spares a few good hours with me and those hours.....I must stop here....


Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Last time I wrote about teachings and learning through a journey that was a bit physical.Now I will be writing on a separate journey.It is about a discourse on the very subject sexuality.Sex is often related to our sense of ethics and morality.We in our entire human history had million discussions on the reason of it. A society developes a framework to contain this essential human nature within bound and they mark that as legal.This framework is often described as purely an effort to keep the society intact and make human being secure from vices that can destroy it.Recently I am dealing with a case that deals with this floppy side of social comedy.A lady,a political activist cum leader is in a ruinous marriage and recently had engedged in another relation with another man.It all started with a wrong number telephone call.That lady was in despair for the last six years and the another man was healing his wound of a ditch by another woman.It had started at a night of misery.That man was telephoning his ex-girlfriend and instead he called up our lady.She took the phone up.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Erotic teaching

You saw stills of of my teaching and learning sessions.Now see the video itself.

Monday, December 24, 2007

In Orkoot...

I found out that this thing is full of fakes.Some are here for the sake of prostitution,some for e-business.They use female identities to attract males.A few are real members who have a definite interest in sex.Prostitutes are little aware of erotic art, and they for their reality has got little interest in eroticas various forms.Obviously they are not there to put their heart out for anyone.Do not blem them for that.Others, doing e-businesses are bogus and boring.So,if you are seraching for an inspiring sex then you are ought to be disappointed.In the next post I will write about common sighns by that you can point and distinguish them.

Waiting for your response in the shape of comments.

Friday, December 21, 2007

My Journey through KAMASUTRA

I told you that I am terrific.I am working on a scape of pscyche in present era from sexual point of view.I spend lot of time knowing about sexuality and its related parts through my adventures.Colourful and testful journey it is.

She wanted some spice in her life.She was bored to the core by being left alone with lots of comfort.She,in actuality wanted an identity of her own.An old tell is being told in new cloth actually.Old wine in a new bottle.I tried to make her understand that without knowing any particular subject she can not be professional in any field.But she failed to acknowledge it in the first place.She carried on her mis-ventures.Now, as she learned the art of lovemaking,not just fulfilling lust,she has started a better life.She is well set up with her family.Am I a doctor?No.Just a friend who know life as it is.
Above are certain snaps of our collaboration in the process.I edited her face to not to reveal her identity.She knew it all.Her male partner is now learning the art and passionate execution of loveplay from her.If you wish,I can do it for you also.But you must help me by answering certain querries of mine,that may prove useful to others.